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Jimmy O here. I want to share a special project I’ve been working on, the Sunflower Guitar for Ukraine project, and share new music with you. This guitar was designed by Linda Manzer, a world-renowned guitar maker who created this special Ukraine-themed guitar to inspire people to donate to much needed humanitarian relief in Ukraine. The “Sunflower” has been making its way through many hands, including Dolly, James Taylor, Keith Urban, Joni Mitchell and many more. The guitar made its way over to my house and was in my hands for one evening… and let me tell you, it is beautiful. I did not want this guitar to leave, but it did, and now it has gone through the hands of more than 100 other artists, and everyone has signed the guitar case. I was so inspired by Linda, I took it one step further, got some friends together, and we performed a special version of the Ukrainian National Anthem. Now I’m asking my friends, family, and fans for their help. Maybe you’d consider skipping your afternoon latte, or brunch, and donate to (click on the GoFundMe link to make a donation).

All money raised is going to the people of Ukraine via the US charity, $1k Project for Ukraine, and the Canadian charity, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.
Together, let’s do something beautiful. ♥️

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